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Online market segments and yellow pages/phone book have already won document marketing and are now competitive in the fast modifying internet world. Illusionists are quickly implementing growing technological innovation to protect a major place. Quick ad new contact and business system is speeding up their digital modification and developing new income possibilities via free classified ads in India. a complete technological innovation company established this year, provides a contact and business system for on the internet market segments and in the field of free classified in india. The system contains real-estate, buy sports fitness, sale office commercial, search jobs, buy/sell TV and other many more aspects. These wad products can be implemented in hours and are extremely scalable and cost-effective.

This free classified in India or free classified ads in India company concept were created when the founders K. Bhardwaj and H.Sharma experienced several difficulties while looking for their new house. Therefore, they desired to create an easy yet innovative consultation arranging program that would create buyers’ and sellers’ immediate calling structured on the internet/online ads. “It is amazing how many on the online classified listings are still like duplicates of document ads, although they are released on the internet," says CEO M.Sharma.

We try to converts free classified ads in India by making them more entertaining. For example, using its consultation arranging for on the internet categorized listings, customers can immediately guide sessions with suppliers by simply clicking a key. This helps you to save time for both consumers as there is no need to call or e-mail. Improved with bulk SMS and e-mail signals, the product has proven to be over 2.2 times more effective than conventional get in touch with types. 

Reliable Best 10 SEO Tools For Websites And Bloggers

What Is SEO ?

Search engine Optimization is the process of enhancing the visibility of your blog or blogs' content in organic search result .It involves different kind of search method like Image Alt Tag or Keyword, local search in your Content of your blog, this helps you to traffic from search engine to your blog .some time our back links process is also helps to get your content in search engine. The most important crucial step of webmaster is choose the best SEO Tools for their content . Here I'm sharing with you a list of “Top 10 SEO tool for Bloggers” choose on your choice……….. 

1-AdWords Keyword Tool :-

We know that Adwords is the best tool for analyzing the keyword rank and search tern based on world’s famous search engine Google. if you wants to get some visitor from source Google , so it’s most important to choose correct keyword for your content according to Google . 

2-Google Trinity :-

Here are 3 major services which plays important key role in optimizing your blog, Service are:- 
• Webmaster tools - This provides all latest techniques and advices to enhance your blog quickly.
• Google Analytics - Used for tracking visitor of your blog.
• Google Trends - show you particular often to your blog in search engine.

3- SEO By Yoast For WordPress :-

This is a plug-in of wordpress. wordpress is the content management system. SEO by Yoast is only work with wordpress blog this helps to optimize your blog contents, in tool many features are present as automatic sitemap generator, meta tag , keyword optimizing etc. 

4- Hubpost :-

This tool is developed by business website that gives you an amazing training about inbound marketing, SEO and blogging. This tool will help you with almost all SEO and site queries. It also shows the quality and quantity of traffic in every minute. 

5- Xenu’s Link Sleuth :-

This is a Amazing tool to find the broken links on your blog, this is free tool to find broken links by image , HTML files , txt and css . 

6- Clicky :-

This is web analytics tools with custom dashboard but this is not free it will charge around 60$ and then you will get activate for 1 year license of Clicky. 

7- SMK Technology :-

This is awesome and cheap SEO Provider to analytics your website FREE. Its SEO Expert work for your keyword's very fast in reliable costs. 

8- SEOmoz :-

this tool will help you to optimize all pages of your blog , this free only for 30 days. this track your social media performance also. 

9-SEO Book Rank Checker :-

SEO book rank checker the the best analytics tool to check your blog rank for a specific keyword and phrase. this helps to which keyword will give good traffic on your blog ,etc. 

10- SEMrush :-

SEMrush tool is used for check organic traffic of your blog from Google and Bing search engine. this tool also show your competitor , here you can see detail of your every backlink and getting traffic from backlink on every page. 

Google Page Rank

Few Steps to extend your Google Page Rank

Page Rank of website could be a plus for a site owner, as a result of if a website incorporates a larger page rank it'll be additional visible in search engines and might get additional guests. There is lots of the way to market your web site and increase its page rank. Some ways that need you to obtain it and a few are FREE however wants time beyond regulation and efforts. Keep in mind in Websites the foremost vital issue you would like to recollect is that the patience. Below some point’s that you'll be able to follow and improve your web site ranking.

  1. Linking is that the best and quick thanks to improve your page rank. Attempt to get a link back from higher page rank websites. There are some free ways that additionally however they're going to take an extended time to insert your link in alternative websites. However if you'll pay some $ to urge a link back from higher page rank websites, they're going to guarantee you for your link to be approved inside per week.
  2. If you're about to purchase a link long ago keep in mind this time, some websites have PR4, PR5 or perhaps PR7 for his or her home page, however no PR for any of their alternative pages, therefore keep in mind to get solely that link which can be displayed on a PR+ page.
  3. Submit to directories and sit relax. Begin one by one and submit your link altogether net directories. If you can, attempt to provides a link back (reciprocal link on your page) to free directories, some directories doesn't would like it, however if you offer them, their house owners can explore for your approval 1st.
  4. Build a sitemap for your web site (XML primarily {based} for Google and text based for yahoo) and submit them to Google and yahoo. Get a Google webmaster account and check in there to ascertain your web site statistics. It’ll additionally tell you if you website is indexed or not, and your page rank in Google.
  5. Update your web site each day by adding additional distinctive content. If you website has some data for a traveler then its 100% likelihood for him to come back to your site once more.
  6. Provide within linking to your web site. For instance you'll offer a link of your previous and next articles on a piece page. Otherwise you will offer a listing of connected articles therefore traveler will remains an extended time on your web site.
  7. Keep in bit together with your web site. If you do, you'll get results from your statistics instrument terribly shortly that you just have gotten guests and your page rank is improved.
  8. And the most vital tip. "Trade your link with alternative net owners". Place their link on your web site and that they can place your link in them. This can be for free of charge and therefore the in no time thanks to improve your visibility in search engines.

Keep following within the on top of tip and you can get a stronger result inside days. Keep reading this web site for additional informative articles and distinctive SEO tips.

Sell Display Ads From Your Web Site With Quick Ad Wizard

Quick Ad ~ Free Classified In India

Quick Ad is a customer self service ad building system especially for weekly papers.

Quick Ad is a web site for print advertisers to build, book and buy print display ads. They access the site by going to your main web site and selecting Place An Ad.

Quick Ad is like an extra sales rep, working 24 hours a day.

Quick Ad runs as a web based service, meaning you don't need special software, training or additional staff, just an internet connection and a web browser. One Quick Ad system can support several papers or multiple editions. It works on any web browser, on Mac or Windows computers.

The Quick Ad web site comes to you fully prepared with your paper's logo, contact information and your choice of ad sizes, prices and publishing dates already set up. It is turn-key ready.

Each time an ad sells, your paper's designated "ad takers" receive an email with a link telling them they have a new ad. They click the link, review the ad, and download it as a ready to print PDF. They can also print the insertion order at that point. All ads are saved online for future reference if needed. The ads are all prepaid and include an easy to read insertion order with complete contact, schedule and payment information. 

Alexa Rank

Tips to boost your Alexa Ranks

Following ar some tips to boost your Alexa rankings.

Install Alexa Tool Bar:- Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser and to boot raise your friends, guests to place in toolbar on their browser. Download Alexa Toolbar for your browser.

Claim Your Site:- To gain full management over your site.Claim your site on This will facilitate others to understand World Health Organization owns the positioning and helps you in ranking higher on Alexa.

Put Alexa Gadget On Your Blog:- As I already said Alexa counts exclusively those hits that comes below their system.So place AN Alexa gadget on your blog. I recently wrote a writing on some way to supply and Install Alexa gadget do check it out.

Get Traffic From Bloggers And Nettlesome Guys:- This is the foremost very important issue that effects your Alexa Rank.If you get further guests World Health Organization ar bloggers and nettlesome guys then your alexa rank will increase fast as a results of all the Bloggers and nettlesome people ar putting in place alexa gadget on their browsers.

Write A Review Regarding Alexa On Your Blog:- Write a review regarding Alexa Ranking and link back to

Ask Your Guests To Review Your Blog On Alexa:- Review your blog on and lift your guests to review your blog.

Commenting And Back Linking:- Comment on different net logs that ar to a lower place the niche Blogging and Technology with good traffic and link back to your diary.In this means that build further links from blogs with good traffic as a results of back links ar crucial as you'd probably have detected that alexa even calculates the amount of back links you've got got.

Update Your Blog Regularly:- It is powerfully steered to jot typically to increase your Alexa rank as an alternate your alexa rank will go down and it becomes burdensome to bring back your Alexa all over again.

Write Quality Posts:- As I invariably say quality matters.If you write quality posts then others will automatically link back to you and thereby increasing back links and traffic additional that may increase your alexa rank.

Share Your Posts On Social Networking Sites:- Share your posts (SEO Expert) on social networks like Facebook,Stumble upon and Digg.These sites not exclusively brings immense traffic but to boot helps in increasing your Alexa Rank.

Google Page Rank Checker

  Page Rank Bar. Google Page Rank Checker

Check Page Rank of any web site page instantly:

In order to Check Page Rank of a single web site, web page or a domain name, please enter the web site, web page URL or domain name in the form below and click "Check PageRank" button:

Check Page Rank of Web Site Page INSTANTLY
Example : DO NOT add or prefix domain name with http:// or www.
This FREE Page Rank Checking Tool is powered by Page Rank Checker Service

Page Rank Bar

Page Rank Bar. Display Google Page Rank INSTANTLY on Your Webpage's

We offers web pagerank key to be included to your websites for FREE! Including Page Rank Key is a very easy process.

Add Web Page Rank Key or Symbol to your website - FREE!

  • By adding our Page Rank Checker Button to your site you can check the rank (check PR) of all your web site pages right on your web site.
  • To use our Page Rank Checking tool you just need to add a small piece of HTML code to the pages where you want to check the page rank and our free tool Page Rank Checker will show the small icon that displays the current Page Rank of those web pages.

  • How to add Web Page Rank Checker to a Website
    If you want Search engines Web Page Rank Checker Key or Symbol to be add to your websites, please duplicate one of the HTML requirements below and insert it on your page where you want the page rank icon to appear:
    PR Long                                  PR Medium                             PR Small

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